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-- ABOUT US  --

1. We are a success-oriented enterprising organization - active in the marketplace and adept at managing risk.
2. We listen to our patrons' needs, overcome barriers to their goals, and creatively support their programs. 
3. We are guided by strong leadership and sound management systems. 
4. Our talented people-including scientists, engineers, and analysts-thrive in a corporate culture that places a premium on performance. 
5. We never waver from our core values. 

Our reputation is based on how the corporation and its members have performed in meeting the needs of our clients. To achieve our aspiration of becoming the leading company in our domain we must meet and exceed industry performance benchmarks while remaining true to our core values. Our performance culture is key to our success. We make sure that people's roles are clear and that they are held accountable for their actions- the corporation's overarching goals and targets are parsed into more specific business-unit or project-team goals and targets, which in turn are parsed into the goals and targets. 

Shivam Narrow Fabrics intend to market water proof/water resistant fabric as well as coated fabric, velvet fabric and mesh fabric.

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